Match the correct definition to the most appropriate term. (US HEALTH POLICY)

Match the correct definition to the most appropriate term. (US HEALTH POLICY)

A.Interest Groups

B.Coercive Power

C.Reward Power



F.Executives and Bureaucrats

G.Referent Power

H.Expert Power

I.Legitimate Power

J.Courts and judiciary professionals


-Influences policy markets because it is derived from one’s position in a social system, organization, or group; also called authority.


-Market policy influence is based on the ability of one person or organization to provide favors to others for their decisions or actions.


-Individuals who are recognized for their knowledge or skills in solving problems or performing crucial tasks to influence the policy market.


-Based on the capacity to withhold or prevent someone from obtaining rewards in order to influence the policy market.


-Belongs to a select few who may have strong convictions or great self confidence; or organizations to influence or cause admiration or loyalty within the health policy market.


-This category of demanders includes those who consider policies relevant to the pursuit of their own health or the health of others they care about; or consider policies as a means to an end.


-This group of demanders has more resources and stakes in the health policy market, which includes large health systems, health plans, and technology suppliers.


-These groups of demanders combine and concentrate resources of their members with similar policy goals and are enhanced through collective action; Most effective group of demanders.


-This group of suppliers of health policies play a major factor in the development and implementation of  health policies, as they provide an interpretive role within the design and implementation of health policies/laws.


-These suppliers of health policies make authoritative decisions that maximize public interest; products come in the form of laws, regulations, and/or operational protocols.

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