What health professionals may now be involved in her care? Name at least 3.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Fox’s right leg could not be saved, and a surgical amputation was performed below the level of the knee. At that time, the patient also displayed impairments to the following: swallowing solid foods, speaking words and full sentences, anterograde memory, fine and gross motor function of the right upper and lower extremity.

Mrs. Fox spent 2-3 weeks in inpatient care receiving all necessary rehabilitation services with good improvement in objective measurements. However, it was determined that the patient was not yet prepared to return home safely with her family. The necessary paperwork was processed so that the patient could be transferred to Helen Hayes Hospital, a skilled nursing facility, where she could continue to receive rehabilitative and nursing services.

Prior to her accident, Mrs. Fox had a 15 year history of cigarette smoking. Her physician strongly advised her to cease smoking due to its negative effect upon tissue healing and overall negative effects upon her health. During a rehabilitation session, the patient reported that her situation had left her feeling depressed, particularly because of her difficulty communicating with her husband and 2 children. She also expressed fear that she would never walk “normally” again or be able to do things such as brush her hair, or feed herself like she did before. She stated she used to enjoy walking her dog, but now the only time she felt “happy” lately was when she was painting in the common room.

1) What health professionals may now be involved in her care? Name at least 3.




2. Why might providers need to communicate with one and another specific to this case?

3. How might they communicate? Choose the best answer:

A. As a Patient Centered Team

B. As a Functional Team

C. Both A & B

D. Neither A or B

4. Would you consider recommending the addition of Complementary Medicine providers or methods to Mrs. Fox’s healthcare recovery strategies? Briefly discuss, who or what would you add and why?

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