The enteric nervous system is made up of these 2 networks.

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1. Cortisol levels in the body are controlled by the release of ______ hormone from the hypothalamus and _____ hormone from the pituitary.

2. The enteric nervous system is made up of these 2 networks.

3. Your roommate complains of being cold and tired all of the time, and she appears to be gaining weight. Based in what you’ve learned in this class about endocrinology, what do you think might be her problem?

4. (Continued from question 19) Your roommate’s doctor suspects that the cause of her problem might originate with her pituitary.  To test this diagnosis the doctor has her plasma concentration of a particular hormone tested. What is this hormone?

5. Epinephrine is produced by the _____ cells of the adrenal glands and it will cause blood glucose levels to______ (increase/decrease).

6. An example of a hormone that will stimulate the appetite is ________  and an example of a hormone that suppresses the appetite is ________ .

7. The first heart sound corresponds to the ________  and the second heart sound is due to the ________ . (What causes the heart sounds?)

8. The protein in the thyroid gland that gets iodinated is ________ and the enzyme that catalyzes this reaction is ________.

9. What are 2 other types of motility exhibited by the gut besides peristalsis?

10. Growth hormone is important for linear growth. However too much growth hormone in adults can result in ________ , which results in distinct facial features, but it does not cause further linear growth because of ________ .

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