staphylococcus lab report introduction , conclusion, and references

staphylococcus lab report introduction , conclusion, and references. Double spaced full page NO plagiarism submitted through turn it in. Lab results attached below.

Identification of Staphylococcus Lab Report 3 (Lab Manual pgs. 45 – 48) Due in Drop Box 11:30 pm 10/31/21

Purpose: To identify species of staphylococcus


Materials and Methods:

Results: Record your observations and interpretations for each test in the table below:

Bacteria Used: S.epidermids

Observations Interpretations
NA Growth Bacteria alive
Blood Agar Growth No hemolysis
MSA Growth Does not ferment mannitol
Gelatin Solid No gelatinose produced
Latex Beads No aggulation Not S.aures



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