Cover Letter Rubric FORMATTING AND GENERAL INFORMATION (8 points- 1 point each) Keep cover letter to one page in length.

Cover Letter Rubric
Keep cover letter to one page in length.
• Proofread your cover letter to make sure it is free of grammatical errors.
• Write in professional business language. Do not use chat speak, texting language, or shorthand.
• Include the date.
• Start the cover letter with your physical mailing address.
• Use only appropriate fonts (Calibri, Arial, Verdana, etc.). Keep font sizes 10, 11, or 12 pt. for text.
Font size should be consistent throughout the cover letter.
• Set margins to approximately 1 inch on all sides.
• Single space the letter, but leave blank lines between your contact information, the date, the
company’s contact information, the greeting, each paragraph, and the closing.
• Left align the text and do not indent paragraphs.
• Include the name of a specific person, with appropriate prefix if known (Dr., Mr., Ms., Rev., etc.).
• Include recipient’s job title.
• Make certain that you have the correct spelling of the person’s name and title.
• Include the name of the company.
• Include the company’s physical mailing address.
GREETING (1.0 points – .5 each)
• Address the letter to a specific person.
• If appropriate prefix is known, use it in the greeting (ex. Dear Mr. Parker). If appropriate prefix is not
known, list person’s first and second names (ex. Dear Taylor Parker).
FIRST PARAGRAPH (2.0 points- .5 point each)
• Show interest in the company.
• Identify the position to which you are applying.
• State how you learned about the job opening.
• Summarize your strongest qualifications.
SECOND PARAGRAPH (2 points- .5 point each)
• Describe your qualifications in more detail. Use specific examples as evidence of your qualifications.
• Demonstrate that you have knowledge of the company. Show how your qualifications, experience,
and abilities match the needs of the company.
• Refer to your enclosed resume.
• Do NOT duplicate content from your resume word for word.
FINAL PARAGRAPH (1.5 points- .5 point each)
• Express an interest in requesting an interview.
• Provide information regarding how and when you can be contacted.
• Thank the recipient for considering you for the available position.
CLOSING & SIGNATURE (3 points- 1 point each)
• Include an appropriately professional closing, such as “Sincerely”.
• Skip three lines between your closing and your typed name.
• Sign your cover letter in the space between your closing and your typed name.

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