Describe what is Non-traditional (complementary/alternative) treatments

Describe what is Non-traditional (complementary/alternative) treatments………

Medical or health practices centered on untested, non-traditional or non-scientific methods or principles are known as alternatives or complementary treatments. They are based on beliefs that are metaphysical and anti-scientific. Past research has revealed that most alternative medical practices are not in essence “alternative,” but “quackery.” Complementary or alternative medicine is produced whenever the “alternative” health practices are offered along with scientific medicine since it amalgamates to “good” medicine with quackery.

Non traditional treatment is slowly etching into the health and medical profession mainstreams since the practices offered act as alternative or complementary healing of certain diseases. In addition, it is because of these reasons that people peddle for these treatments making the latter to be highly profitable. According to Sampson (2007), the National institutes of Health’s Office of Alternative Medicine had revealed a number of research studies of unorthodox cures, or exotic procedures such as the use of shark cartilage to treat cancer and bee pollen in allergy treatment. Popular “alternative” therapies and supernatural processes include prayer, massage, yoga, chiropractic, relaxation techniques, herbal medicine, myriad nutritional supplements, acupuncture, and laser treatment among others. Practitioners of non traditional treatment rarely handle high caliber scientific studies (Bausell, 2007). If they do studies at all they neither involve control groups nor study adequate-sized samples. For example, when the results of the acupuncture studies in China became positive, one could tell that something was amiss. Most studies and procedures carried out by “alternative” practitioners are usually shallow and have scant evidence of effectiveness and some have been to be dangerous. Nonetheless, most of the practitioners have supported metaphysics that is, magical thinking and faith and have strongly disdain science.

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