Answer Both Research Task Questions 1 And 2 With Summaries Of 500-750 Each.

The Lehigh Valley is rapidly becoming a Global Production, Outsourcing, and Logistics hub with the addition of Amazon, Fed Ex, and others. PSULV has responded to this growing need by now offering a 4 year degree in project and supply chain management.

Read Chapter 14

View Chapter 14 Power points 

At the end of Chapter 14, Global Production, Outsourcing, and Logistics on page 484 you will find a Research Task involving  

globalEDGE Resource Desk – Michigan State University (Links to an external site.)
Collection of international business and trade 
resources on the web. Includes annotated 
resources on world regions, countries, governments, statistics, news, … and more
You are to answer both Research Task questions 1 and 2 with executive summaries of 500- 750 words each. In both your responses refer to at least 2 concepts learned in this chapter by referring to specific concepts and page numbers as well.

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