Discuss all of the pros and cons of this care delivery model.

Discuss all of the pros and cons of this care delivery model.


Select a Nursing Care Delivery Model from the literature. Examples:
– Primary Nursing Model
-Patient-Centered Care Model
-Nursing Case Management Model
-Team Nursing Model
-Functional Nursing Care Delivery Model
-Total patient care delivery
This does not need to be the model you use in your work environment. If you do choose the model of your work place please make sure it is a nursing model of care that is described in the literature, not just a model used in your organization. Do not mention your organization and do not give your opinion or personnel views on the model. This is not an opinion paper, it is a factual paper with references found in peer reviewed journals or texts.

2. Describe the model:

History of the model (when, where, why, who developed it)
What personnel are utilized in the model?
What are their roles and responsibilities?
How is the work coordinated?
What are the reporting relationships?
What are the educational requirements for the various nursing positions in the model?

3. Discuss how this model affects/influences cost, quality of care and patient and family satisfaction.
How is the availability of resources taken into consideration when adopting this model?
How does the delivery model affect nursing job satisfaction, hospital satisfaction?

4. Discuss all of the pros and cons of this care delivery model.

5. Papers must be typewritten using proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. There must be an introductory paragraph that states the model you will be discussing and a conclusion paragraph summarizing all of the key points of your paper. There needs to be a title page and a separate reference page in APA format. Submit papers through SafeAssign. Use of APA format is required for the term paper and all References. One letter grade will be deducted for improper format. APA format is available on BB as well as from multiple sources on the internet and in the library.
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