Explain and discuss Practice, Research and Theory as they relate to nursing.

Explain and discuss Practice, Research and Theory as they relate to nursing.

1.Explain and discuss Practice, Research and Theory as they relate to nursing. How are they related and interdependent? Discuss and explain the importance of research and nursing theory to nursing as a profession. Discuss and explain a current practice change in your facility and find 2 current (within the last 5 years) articles that support this change. What effect has this change had on patient care?
2.Case study:
The Community Health Nurse knocked softly before entering Isabel’s bedroom. On this home visit Isabel was holding her 3-week-old baby girl, Pearl, while 2-year-old Jerry was sitting on the floor playing with a cat. In one corner, a full litter box sat on the floor next to the changing table. The nurse noted two half- empty 4-oz formula bottles on the changing table, an empty box of baby wipes, and three soiled cloth diapers. Looking into Pearl’s sleeping face, Isabel said “She’s finally fell asleep…I am so tired…Jerry stop teasing Freckles (the cat) and come over here and hold Pearl while I get something to drink…do you want something to drink?” The nurse quickly scanned the room, seeing an unmade bed with a bassinet wedged against the wall. Jerry’s bed, also unmade, was in the corner opposite the litter box. The small bedroom was stifling hot, the ceiling fan was not on, and the windows were closed. A table in the middle of the room had plates with partially eaten sandwiches and half-finished cans of soda.
?Based on this case study, how would the nurse practicing from Nightingale’s theory begin her home visit? What would be the priority for the nurse in this situation?
?How might Nightingale’s understanding of sanitation and environment guide the nurse in her home visit?
?How could the nurse develop a relationship with Isabel and return as a welcomed visitor in Isabel’s “home”?
?Nightingale started writing her theory over 200 years ago, why do you feel this theory is still important to nursing? How has the theory adapted or stayed relevant for over two centuries? Provide special examples and support your response with references.

Both sections should be in one APA formatted paper and should include at least 3 outside references and the textbook. The paper should have a title page with running heads and page numbers, introduction, level subheadings, in-text citations, conclusion and reference page. The entire assignment should be 1000 to 1500 words (this does not include the title and reference pages).

We are using this book:
•George, J. B. (2011). Nursing theories: The base for professional nursing practice (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. ISBN: 978-0-13-513583-9
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