Write about language, nonverbal communication, rituals, dress, accessories, and especially practices that outsiders misunderstand. You need sources for this report.

Write about language, nonverbal communication, rituals, dress, accessories, and especially practices that outsiders misunderstand. You need sources for this report.


Topic: Research Report
I will upload the instructions in a word document.

Professor’s expectations:
1. Research Report I is a five-page paper plus references about communication aspects of a non-dominant culture in the USA. You may not choose a non-dominant culture to which you belong nor can you do the paper on women in the USA even though they are non-dominant. Also, each student must select a different culture. Chose an ethnic group, religious group, political group, or even a gang.

Write about language, nonverbal communication, rituals, dress, accessories, and especially practices that outsiders misunderstand. You need sources for this report. Do not overlook the possibility of interviewing individuals about communicative activity in one of these groups. I want to know which group you intend to explore before you actually launch your paper. Write very carefully so you do not lose points for poor writing. Carefully observe all of the suggestions about writing that appear on Blackboard in Course Content.

Your foremost task is to email me which non-dominant you pick so that I can take my professor’s permission:
For this assignment, I have talked to my professor and he said I can write about any one of the Native Americans tribe since they come under non dominant group of US.

So I am giving you chance to explore through Native Americans tribes and let me know which one you find more information on so that it is easy for you to write 5 pages on it. I can pick one myself but since you are writing the paper you have to see which you find good information on.

Also, you have to let me know which one you pick before launching the paper because I have to get my professor approval on that one. Please don’t start writing the paper without telling me which non dominant group you pick. I have to let my professor before to see if no one else picked the same one like ours. You can also choose from other non-dominant groups like Baha’i people and others but it is totally up to you. Just remember to message me which one you pick. Once I send you my professor “yes” then you can start working on it.
Thanks 

Baha’i People
Baha’i people are commonly known for their faith. Their faith is amongst the fastest growing of the global religions. It is comprised of more than 5 million followers all over the world making it the second widespread faith worldwide after Christianity. Baha’i people are found in over 100,000 regions of the world. The Baha’i faith originated from the teachings of Baha’u’llah in mid 1800s. Baha’u’llah was a well renowned divine messenger of God at that era. He got this name from His forerunner, Bab, and it means “Glory of God.” In addition, Baha’i refers to followers of Baha’u’llah or Baha’u’llah’s revelation. The Baha’is greetings is based on the saying Allah-u-Abha, which mean “God, the All-Glorious.” On the front t of non verbal communication, some usually shake hands while others bow or hug one another.
To begin with, the Baha’i Faith shares a lot of similarity with most religions. First, they believe in existence of one supreme God. In addition, they recognize human race as belonging to one family and that religion is bonded together in unity. Like other religions, the Baha’i Faith teaches that God created the entire universe and His nature is not known or accessible to or by any human being. Therefore, designation of Baha’is God refers to One Divine Being similar to Allah, Yahweh, Brahma, and so forth. According to Baha’i Faith, people get to learn about God through His Messengers. In respect to Baha’is Faith, the main reason for living is to know and love God. It is the responsibility of the Messengers to empower the human race both spiritually and morally.
The Baha’i Faith constitute of its own Holy Book called the Kitab-i-Aqdas, which was written by Baha’u’llah. It comprise of many scriptures with teachings based on laws and principles governing personal conduct and the society at large as well as writings about spiritual connection with God. Moreover, they also view the holy books of other religions as sacred. However, the writings of their holy book take the King James Bible style. Relative to heaven and hell, the Baha’i Faith holds that this are virtually places based on spiritual realities and they symbolize the nearness and remoteness of God. After death, one goes to either of the two places based on the condition of his/her soul.
On the other hand, the Baha’i Faith bears some differences with other religions. They follow their own colander that is made up 19 months each containing 19 days. There are 11 holy days in their calendar that are observed keenly, and in nine of them they abstain from work. These holy days include days related to lifetimes of their founders, Bab and Baha’u’llah; Naw-Ruz, their new year celebrated on March 21; and Ridvan festival which takes place for 12 days in remembrance of the time when Baha’u’llah declared His mission. The Baha’i’s recognize the Christmas celebrations. The acknowledge Jesus Christ as a Divine Messenger and they believe that He was born by a virgin woman. The Baha’is celebrate Christmas through sharing of gifts with followers of other religions. In regards to their calendar, the season for gift giving, Ayyam-i-Ha occurs towards the end of February, and is usually followed by an annual fasting for 19 days up to the New Year. Fasting starts from morning to evening with no foods or drinks consumed during the period. The consumption is usually done before dawn and after dusk. The elderly, children, the sick, expectant mothers as well as nursing mothers are exempted from fasting.
Next, the Baha’is Faith is not governed through a clergy system. Baha’u’llah emphasized that in the rise of universal education, the need for clergy diminished. Instead, He developed a system consist of elected councils ranging from the local, national to international level to oversee the affairs of their Faith. The Baha’is Faith is led by a nine people council elected at the international level through a secret ballot those at the national level. Together they form the Universal House of Justice (UHJ) which heads over the Baha’is Faith and guides all their activities throughout the world.
Apart from the elected council, every individual has the responsibility to build a united and a functioning Baha’i society as well as acquaint others with the teachings of their Faith. However, the first responsibility of individuals is supposed to uphold the teachings of Baha’i Faith. The Baha’is is committed to improving the social and economic welfare of the society in education, healthcare, and agriculture amongst other fields. The primary goal concentrates on uniting people by enhancing equality and harmony for all. Relative the gender, the Baha’is teachings clearly portray from a spiritual viewpoint that no differences exist between men and women based on moral, biological or social aspects.
Another difference is in their worship places. The Baha’is Houses of Worship are mainly set for prayers and meditation. There are no certain congregations associated with them like for churches. Rather, the Baha’is all over world gathers for worship plus other activities in locally established Baha’i centers and/or at individual’s homes. To date, only seven Baha’is Houses of Worship exist worldwide. Praying and meditating is daily routine for the Baha’is. They believe that meditation keeps one connected with God and also opens the doors of mysteries. From ancient times, children were encouraged to embrace praying and meditation.
On the basis of diet and nutrition, most of the Baha’is people are vegetarians but there are no dietary restrictions. Although they are no dietary restriction, the Baha’is people are prohibited from consumption of alcoholic drinks, narcotic drugs and other substances that are not prescribed for treatment. To the Baha’is illness is attributed to physiological imbalances. In order to restore the balance the Baha’is are encouraged to consume or avoid certain food types.
As far as the rituals are concerned, the Baha’i Faith has few and simplified rituals as prescribed by Baha’u’llah. They include daily mandatory prayers and practices pertaining to marriage and funerals. Apart from these rituals, the Baha’i’s maintains simplicity in matters about worship in order to avoid developing systems with complex practices. Regarding marriages, the Baha’is Faith believe in monogamous marriage as the main foundation of a loving family and the basic unit where the progress of the society solely depends. For this reason, the Bahais Faith only
Furthermore, the activities and projects of the Baha’is are funded voluntarily by the members. There is a fund that is established where the members give their contributions. Contributing towards the Baha’i funds is considered a privilege and a spiritual duty of the members. Unlike other religions, the Baha’i Faith declines contributions from outside sources. They entirely depend on their own members contributions.

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