Identify and describe your clinical environment

Identify and describe your clinical environment.

CLINICAL SETTING: Medical surgical/ orthopedic unit

This course, NURS 484, has 9 course outcomes and your learning will address all of these to some degree. Since all clinical situations and settings are unique, more specific/individualized outcomes are needed. Thus, please do the following:
1. Identify and describe your clinical environment. (1 point)
2. Explain the benefits of a clinical experience in this chosen environment. (1.5 points)
3. Provide at least three additional learning outcomes/goals for your practicum based on your clinical environment and personal learning needs. Please write thoughtful, thorough outcomes. Use bullet points. (4.5 points)
4. Include particular ways you intend to meet the additional learning outcomes.(3 points)
Please write thorough responses, use paragraph breaks, and follow APA formatting. The assignment is worth 10 points.


The student will:
1. Assume responsibility for professional growth through the design of an individualized learning plan. (P
2. Use theoretical concepts, research findings, and other ways of knowing to guide nursing practice with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds who have complex care needs in various phases of the life span.
3. Practice in a caring, responsible, and accountable manner in accordance with professional ethics and accepted standards of practice.
4. Integrate critical thinking skills into the practice of professional nursing with clients experiencing complex care needs.
5. Apply appropriate leadership and management principles in designing, coordinating, managing and advocating for meeting the complex health care needs of individuals, familiesand groups in various phases of the life span.
6. Demonstrate an ability to reflect on interpersonal and interactional processes with individuals, families, and groups and critically analyze own role in relation to them.
7. Intervene independently and in collaboration with other health professionals, using appropriate nursing strategies and actions.
8. Evaluate the outcomes of therapeutic nursing interventions and plan further interventions accordingly.
9. Participate in informal critique of the health care delivery system and identify areas for change in nursing and health care delivery

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