Discuss the economic implications of obesity

Discuss the economic implications of obesity


Discuss the economic implications of obesity; Over the past several decades, obesity has grown to be a major global concern. According to the U.S journal of medical association, the rate of obesity has doubled since 1970, the highest rate being with the baby boomers though its also throughout the older generation as well.

Ethnicity, homeland, religion, mythology and income levels have changed since world war 2. food traditions of the industrialized countries are gradually changing with the advancement of technology. Such that there is a higher availability of unhealthy food resulting to greater obesity level.

The economist magazine notes in its survey that the rich and well educated have mostly managed to stay slim and obesity is becoming prevalent to the Medicaid this means that the rich are able to compensate this lifestyle with more sports opportunity and information on staying healthy and can afford better quality food, therefore obesity being linked to low income earners and low level of education.

This is supported by the fact that high diet quality is associated with high income and more education. Obesity is associated with multiple chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, stroke among others hence lives are affected directly r indirectly. The nation is spending approximately 75 billion dollars on weight related diseases. most caloric intake is from fast foods because they are inexpensive and convenient at any one time.

People are being advised to to purchase food in places with menu labeling such as restaurants since they mostly offer healthy diet foods. The government on the other and should set high taxation and subsidize the unhealthy foods.

Increase in their prices will consequently lead to reduction of their consumption, cut down or stop purchase of the products. It will take a set of policies applied systematically to effectively change this trend, this on the other hand cannot be accomplished without support from government and the public interest groups. With both efforts this will be accomplished.

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