Discuss the importance of scholarship to the advanced roles of nursing

Discuss the importance of scholarship to the advanced roles of nursing

6. Explain the importance of EBP in selected advanced nurse roles
7. Demonstrates scholarly communication

The purpose of writing this topic of interest issue paper is to encourage you to research and examine current issues in today’s health care environment. Issues may deal with practice, education, research, funding, licensure/credentialing, management delivery systems, and access to health care.

1. Write a 3 – 4 page paper, not including title and reference pages:
a. Identify and provide background information on your topic of interest issue. Use at least 2 peer reviewed sources (within the last 5 years) from the literature when describing the issue.
b. Conduct a literature review on the impact of your topic of interest on population health, finding at least 4 peer-reviewed sources (within the last 5 years). Look for literature that details how the topic of interest is affecting our overall population health (not just individual health) and supports the topic. These should be different sources than were used in direction 1a. A written literature review is a synthesis of all the information you can find on a specific topic.
c. Now that you have reviewed the literature and selected relevant articles you must write the actual review. Summarize your findings from your literature review regarding the impact of the topic of interest on population health. Synthesize (blend) the 4 articles into a written presentation of all the information you found. Remember to give proper credit and cite the information found in each article using APA format 6th edition.
d. Define what scholarship is for advanced practice nurses. Describe how a review of the literature relates to scholarship for advanced nurse roles. This final section is for you to identify WHY doing literature reviews is an important part of scholarship for advanced practice nurses. This section must be written in third person.

Assignment 2 and 3 are an introduction to graduate level writing and the expectations of such. Papers must reflect understanding of scholarly writing and APA. Assignments 2 and 3 must be written in third person. Please refer to the sixth edition of the APA Manual. In reality, the assignments represent one paper but we have broken it into 2 parts to make it more manageable. Assignment 3 will build on Assignment 2.

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