Improving nurse-nurse handoff communication at report.

Improving nurse-nurse handoff communication at report.

The project is to be presented in summary format and not more than 3 pages of content. APA formatting is required, and a minimum of (3 to 5) evidenced based references should be included. References are not counted in the page limit for the paper.

Begin with the Problem Statement & Literature Support.

A sample problem statement is:

“ Quality patient care and successful clinical and financial outcomes are directly correlated with professional nursing staff competence and turnover (references). In organization X, the current staff turnover rate is 25% after one year on the unit. In settings where nurse turnover exceeds 12%, the following clinical, organizational and financial challenges have been noted: (1) lower patient care scores on national benchmark data; (2) etc. According to Aiken (2003), national studies ……
Continue with a brief but relevant and evidence-based literature that supports the problem statement.

The rationale for selection of this problem relates to findings that directly correlate to the actual performance outcomes with the problem.

Support the need for addressing this from a quality improvement approach and its relationship with patient safety and/or outcomes.

Is there data that suggests performance improvement may impact on the problem?

An appropriate Plan Design is the application of a performance improvement process.

This is the meat of the project where you will discuss the performance improvement process steps that you will employ to address the problem, taking care to include: Who, What, How, and Time Frame. Include in the discussion the process proposed to address the problem.

An example would be:

“The initial approach is to (1) collect accurate data on the extent of the problem, (2) brainstorm with staff, administrators and patients to determine to potential causes of the problem, and (3) conduct focus groups with current and separated staff to elicit additional contributing factors.”

The conclusion of the discussion should project the desired outcomes and future plans.

For example:

“ It is expected though the application of this improvement process that nurse turnover in this organization will be significantly reduced or reduced to not more than 5% yearly. The process plan has been adopted by the organization and is to be reviewed and reassessed quarterly for outcomes and needed changes.”

Grading is as follows:

Problem statement and literature support 30%
Rationale 30%
Plan design 30%
Paper Structure & APA format 10 %

Total 100%

Examples of past QI papers include:

decreasing risk of nosocomial infections; reducing falls;
reducing central line infection; improving competency in use of cardiac monitors;
decreasing catheter associated BSI; reducing medication errors;
interdisciplinary rounds; medication reconciliation and
improving nurse-nurse handoff communication at report.

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