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Every day we seek services of various forms from individuals that we hope are competent in their field of expertise. Many years ago, professions like nursing delivered care without formal training and had no standards to guide practices. With no proper training and no regulating bodies to protect citizens, no one was held accountable for any harm done during nursing care. In present times, states are mandated to protect individuals from harm with reasonable laws. These laws include standards of education, scope of practice, and discipline of professionals. (Russell, 2017) All states have a nurse practice act that varies from state to state along with a board of nursing. The role of this board is to regulate nursing practice.

According to the State of California department of consumer affairs, California standards of nursing care have to be developed according to the standards set up by the Board of Registered Nursing and the Medical Board of California. These standards are created with the collaboration of nurses, physicians, and health care administrators. Such measures influence nursing practice across various health care settings. Nursing standards are aligned with the nursing process (Russell, 2017). The nursing process consists of five principles; assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, and evaluation. I work in a telemetry unit, and I apply such standards in everyday practice. We use evidence-based practice, critical thinking skills, and these standards to provide competent care. Nurses must keep up to date with changes in regulations to provide qualified care and avoid harming those they serve.

Legislation and changes in policy have transformed the nursing profession. Legislation can either inhibit or support nursing practice. In 2004, California became the first state to mandate the nurse-to-patient ratio to improve the quality of patient care in hospitals (de Cordova et al., 2019). The enactment of this bill supported the nursing profession as many nurses endorsed the need for the ratio. Today, there are many views on the nurse-to-patient ratio, and several other states have mandated the RN staffing legislation. Our practice will continue to evolve, and if we want changes that support nurses, then it is our ultimate responsibility to advocate for our profession.


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