Intro to db & mysql relational algebra

Using Relational Algebra

You  learned in Module 9 about Relational algebra; the theoretical language  for operating on one or more relations. It forms the theoretical basis  for relational databases and for the subset of DML (or DQL) designed to  retrieve data from a database. You should be able to describe and create:

a selection operation.

a projection operation.

a Cartesian product operation.

a union operation.

a difference operation.

intersection operation.

a theta-join.

a natural join.

an equi-join.

an outer join.

Using the ProAudio database you have been working on during the term give examples of:

3 distinct unary operations using relational algebra syntax and the corresponding DML syntax.

3 distinct binary operations using relational algebra syntax and the corresponding DML syntax.

Refer to Relational Algebra file for examples but do not use the same.

Submission Format:

Please submit a PDF answering the questions above in bullet format.

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